Ideology and Literature

What is ideology? An ideology is an “-ism,” a system of human thought, something claimed by its adherents (followers) to be able to bring about Utopia or “heaven on earth.” These ideologies are not religions; they do not include God or the “divine.” This separates ideology from the religions, the traditional world-views to be found … More Ideology and Literature

Why study Latin?

One studies Latin for various reasons. Over one half of English words are derivatives of Latin ones: they come from Latin words. Take the Latin word for earth, terra. From it come the English words terrestrial, territory, terraform, subterranean, and terrarium. The other practical reason is that Latin helps one to learn grammar; it is … More Why study Latin?

Hymnus Ad Temoriam

Sancti Patricii Hymnus ad Temoriam. (Lorica Sancti Patricii) Ad Temoriam[1] hodie potentiam praepollentem invoco Trinitatis, Credo in Trinitatem sub unitate numinis elementorum. At Temoria today I invoke the excellent power of the Trinity, I believe in the Trinity underpinning the unity of the power of the elements.[i] Apud Temoriam hodie virtutem nativitatis Christi cum ea … More Hymnus Ad Temoriam

Scientists of Faith

Kepler Johann Kepler (1571-1630, A.D.) was a committed Protestant Christian who laid the foundations for modern astronomy. Some of his achievements include “conclusively proving heliocentricity of the solar system and published the first ephemeris tables for tracking star motions.” -Pgs. 11-13, Men of Science: Men of God, 1988, by Dr. Henry M. Morris He taught … More Scientists of Faith