Scientists of Faith #1: Johann Kepler

Johann Kepler (1571-1630, A.D.) was a committed Protestant Christian who laid the foundations for modern astronomy. Some of his achievements include “conclusively proving heliocentricity of the solar system and published the first ephemeris tables for tracking star motions (Morris 11-13).” He taught others how to pinpoint a planet’s location in its orbit. He wrote three laws of planetary motion which bear his name. He also wrote a proto-science fiction novel entitled Somnium, Sive Astronomia Lunaris (

Some of Kepler’s Religious Writings

“To God there are, in the whole material world, material laws, figures and relations of special excellency and of the most appropriate order” (Baumgart 50).

-Cited by John Cowart

“I was merely thinking God’s thoughts after him. Since we astronomers are priests of the highest God in regard to the book of nature, it benefits us to be thoughtful, not of the glory of our minds, but rather, above all else, of the glory of God” (New World Encyclopedia).

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