Twenty Third Riddle

What eludes the foolish one and can prevent frostbite, save crops, prevent bankruptcy, protect a merchant from theft, a young person from abduction, a teacher from humiliation, a thief from detection, and even a man from sin?

Twenty-first Riddle

My roots are humble, my beginning small and dark, my youth plain, my maturity quite glorious. When woven with members of my family I adorn the heads of Hellenic brides or the brown maidens of the world’s largest ocean. I enlist the help of man, birdbeast, bird, bug, and wind to produce offspring. Try and … More Twenty-first Riddle

Nineteenth Riddle

I must bend before I kill. A small version of me plays long strings in echoing chambers. I was used by Eskimo Hunter, English Yeoman, and Mongol Warrior. I was banned by a pope for use against Christians when “cross” was added to me and my shape bent to match the name. I cannot be … More Nineteenth Riddle