Seventeenth Riddle

I am vegetable, neither animal nor mineral. I am fed to horses, but eaten freely by the Scottish people. I may be cut with steel and ground to meal. I have a feathery beard when full grown and may be found in the bowls of the poor and rich. What am I?

Sixteenth Riddle

I am the opposite of the virtue fundamental, the one I strike is ashamed, those around that one disgusted. I a common to all people, but my worst form varies between them. When I am of death I serve evil, when of danger I can save lives. What am I?

Answers to Riddles 1-15

1.) seeds=ink, white ground=paper, crop=knowledge 2.) hard work 3.) candle 4.) coin 5.) iceberg 6.) strawberries 7.) no value/$0 8.) imagination 9.) fire 10.) bell 11.) fish 12.) book/ liber/ codex/ volumen/ ton biblion 13.) hay 14.) hole 15.) mirror

Fifteenth Riddle

I may shine, crack, or startle all at once. I am useful to the artist, the stylist, and those who trim the gardens of the face. I am a temptation to the followers of Narcissus and the shadows I show call up temptation for the prideful. What am I?

Fourteenth Riddle

The more you withdraw from me the more that I grow. I have tripped all manner of creatures that walk. When I am a home to little creatures I become a breaker of ankle bones: a trap unplanned in woodland or plain. What am I?

Thirteenth Riddle

I am fashioned by the sun; I am worth more to man parched than green.  I can cover a house, a head, or feed the strongest beasts tamed by man. My glory passes more quickly than gold’s but is more wholesome to hoard. A style of punch is named after and modeled on one who … More Thirteenth Riddle

Twelfth Riddle

I flutter when open before a strong wind, but am not a bird. I can be slim, fat, tall, thin, and yet bear the same message. Some bind me, some, burn me, some cannot understand me. Roman Emperor’s sought to destroy the best of my kind. What am I?

Eleventh Riddle

Some of me move in clean water and some in that the Norse called Ymir’s blood. I move more like a bird than an earth-bound man; three hundred and sixty make the degrees of my motion ‘s sphere. I may be a feast for two leg, four leg, and my own legless kind. A persecuted … More Eleventh Riddle

Tenth Riddle

I have a tongue but cannot taste. My servants work hard below me. I am banned in lands where the Crescent Moon reigns. My kin have been made into canon. I can summon an army which doesn’t use weapons. My swinging rounds told time before clocks. What am I?