Virtue, Maturation, Conflict, and Forgiveness in Blood on the River by Elisa Carbone

The novel Blood on the River by Elisa Carbone follows the adventures of Samuel Collier and focuses on his experiences of journeying to and living in Jamestown and its neighborhood between 1606 and 1610 A.D. Samuel begins in a low place, a hard place: he is an orphan living on the streets of London, scavenging … More Virtue, Maturation, Conflict, and Forgiveness in Blood on the River by Elisa Carbone

Scientists of Faith #1: Johann Kepler

Johann Kepler (1571-1630, A.D.) was a committed Protestant Christian who laid the foundations for modern astronomy. Some of his achievements include “conclusively proving heliocentricity of the solar system and published the first ephemeris tables for tracking star motions (Morris 11-13).” He taught others how to pinpoint a planet’s location in its orbit. He wrote three … More Scientists of Faith #1: Johann Kepler

Forty Second Riddle

I heal the conflicts between man and man, man and self, and man and nature. I cannot be forced or coexist with pride. I can travel beyond the grave. I am sweeter to the soul than honey to the taste. Families, towns, cities, and nations may destroy themselves over centuries unless they embrace me. I … More Forty Second Riddle

Forty First Riddle

People think that they want me, but I am horrible when I show up. The person I attack cannot be pleased nor can he escape me though he should travel over continents and between planets. I afflict inwardly the weak, the foolish, and trouble the physcially active who lack wisdom. I push many to action, … More Forty First Riddle

Fortieth Riddle

I season food better than all spices, but also tempt people to sin.  I have caused men, women, and children to die. My enemy is your daily bread. I am worst when I cannot be satisfied physically. I am often a close companion of monks, the impoverished, and supermodels. What am I?

Thirty Ninth Riddle

I crush the physically strong and the physically weak with equal ease. Only animals are ever under my power. I am an evil necessary for the fundamental cardinal virtue to shine forth. I can sicken my victim’s stomach and paralyze him or her. I make hearts race, prevent good deeds, but can also save life … More Thirty Ninth Riddle

Thirty Eighth Riddle

I am thin, but my companion is thinner no matter the length. I bind holes, mend what has been separated, and can leave flowers, names, or strange designs behind me. I travel quickly or  slowly, regularly or irregularly, in straight line or crossed depending on the skill, health, and purpose of the one wielding me. … More Thirty Eighth Riddle